Declutter your mind

Hey guys, have you ever feel that there are a lot of thoughts hovering or even stopping by in your mind?

What those thoughts make you feel like?

Tired? Exhausted?

Or you’re fine with it?.

And somehow, have you ever did anything to it from keep bombarding your mind, or you’re just too tired to brush it off that you’re doing absolutely nothing to stop it?

Well, my friends and fellow reader, this is the first topic that I want to share with you guys which are decluttering our mind. We may find ourselves in that situation but somehow, we don’t really know what to do with it.

Like should I erase it? Or why I can’t keep them off my mind?.

In the end, we’ll be too tired and exhausted in life. And that’s the case we wanted to avoid as possible.

As you guys do learn from Marie Kondo on how to declutter your clothes, I’ll be sharing my top 4 tips on how I declutter my mind.

As a student, I found myself having lots of useless thoughts ( especially during my period 😛 day) until it cost me my mental health and also physical health. I feel tired, sluggish, unmotivated and exhausted.

It came to a point that I need to console with a counsellor and someone who’s an expert in this. And they did well to help me and giving me tips so that I could reduce those thoughts and improve my mental health.

First of all, write. W R I T E.

Writing is one of the ways I do whenever I feel like I’m having a lot of useless thoughts in my mind. You may find me sitting in a coffee shop and drinking frappucino while writing everything down. I mostly write whatever in my mind as soon as possible so that I will not think of it again.

And I also write when I’m anxious. Sometimes it’s just so sudden that I can’t seem to stop writing as soon as my mind were on ‘fire’. But after writing it down, my mind seems to be on calamity and solace. It just like I’ve poured everything down and the weight is gone. That’s how writing makes me feel like.

Second, get enough sleep.

A young guy sleeping at home with wearable electronic device smart watch on his wrist for sleep tracking, monitoring heart rate for healthcare

You may find it odd but for me, I sleep to declutter my mind. Sometimes when I get too much of everything, it exhausts me and what I’ll do with it is I just sleep. When I wake up after getting enough sleep, my mind seems to ‘reboot’ itself and it feels ‘light’.In contrast, if I’m not having enough sleep it’s like a bomb dropping with useless information in my mind that I’m unable to do anything. It just keeps taking spaces and I end up feeling unmotivated in life and also a pretty bad migraine. So yeah, SLEEP is IMPORTANT.

Third, POST IT.

No, I’m not saying about posting in social media but having a yellow sticky note near us. You can also have a planner and write what you want to do on that day, at least 3 IMPORTANT TASKS that you need to finish by that day. It is important to know what you need to do every day so that you wouldn’t overlap with other unimportant tasks.

For example, today I need to finish writing this content, editing videos and watching big bang theory. And I need to stick to those 3 important tasks until I finish all of em in a day. Doing so will make me feel motivated to finish them all and I don’t have to think much about what to do today.

Last but not least, meditate.

This is the most struggling things to do for me as I keep on feeling sleepy whenever I hear the instructor voice on the app. But according to my counsellor, it is good therapy for me to constantly keep my mind fresh and calm. And I can say that it works for me after a while. You can join a class nearby you if you have trouble doing alone. Maybe at the end of the day, you’ll get a clear mind good friends for life ;).

So I guess I’ve passed down all of my knows how and I hope we can benefit with it together. Remember that decluttering your mind is as important as your clothes. So take good care of your mental health.

Tell me, what’s your know-how in decluttering your mind?

See you guys soon in the next post.