Have you always wake up in the morning feeling fresh and happy?

And the next day you wake up at the same time but not feeling the same, as happy as yesterday?

You might feel kinda gloomy, sluggish and utterly lazy to wake up.

Well, don’t worry. You’re not alone (aha).

I used to (and sometimes, still) wake up feeling super sluggish and weary.

In this post, I want to give you some tips in keeping us alive in the morning.

Till these days, I’m still using these tips since I also face those Monday blues or I hate going to work blues :P.

So I hope you’ll benefit from this post too:).

4 tips to keep you alive in the morning

#1: Checking my phone


The moment you get your hands on `em, I know it’ll be hard to get rid of. So unless you want to switch off the alarm, then please don’t have the habit of checking your phone first.

For me, it ’ll ruin my day and make me soo lazy to get up from my comfy bed. Getting out of your bed early is important to start living your day.

#2: My essential oils and the dehumidifier


I usually do this by using essential oils and let the therapeutic smell fills my room with its ‘calming’ scent.

It works on me. I started using essential oils to boost my mood since last year after a recommendation from my friend as an alternative to improve my daily mood.

Besides having to wake up and be surrounded by a nice scent, it is also one of the ways to make me feel ‘alive’ in the morning.

#3: My morning view from the flight.


Usually, people do this during the night before sleep time but I find myself happier and cherishing things more when I do this 30 minutes after I wake up.

I’ll keep myself calm for a few minutes, wander around my room and said it out loud “3 things I am grateful of …”.

Sometimes as simple as waking up early, doing Tahajjud (night prayer) or just consciously breath.  And by doing that, somehow it improves my mood and it’ll also improve on how I define happiness :D.

#4: Praying. Image courtesy of Pexel

Forth, PRAY.

The fourth tip is as you wake up early in the morning, perform your morning prayer. For Muslims, the 2 rakaah of Subh prayer will definitely energize you and makes you feel ready for the day.

Try to wake up early on time and not to skip the morning prayer as it’ll also benefit you physically and spiritually. For the non-Muslims, you could replace this step by doing deep meditation, yoga or stretching as the benefit is the same as praying.

So, yeah I think that I’ve listed down my top 4 tips on how to keep you alive in the morning.

Discipline is the key. I always try to commit to it and I hope that by sharing these tips with all of you, we could benefit it together.

Tell me, what’s your tips in keeping you alive early in the morning and did you find my tips useful? Leave a message.

Thanks and have a nice day