Another weekend means another event! And another event means another outfit. This week I have another date to go to. As usual, I have to plan my outfit before the meet up. As I laid down the outfit I planned to wear, a text message came in. It was from a friend of mine, sharing a video that brought up my attention. It is about women in Jannah. There are a few key points preached by an ustazah but only one point got my attention.


As I eyed my laid down outfit while listening to the voice, sadly my heart knows it is far from portraying the women in described by the ustazah.

“Why did the reminder have to come now?” I whispered .

I know the answer to that question is very simple and yet it gives my heart the chills. Yes, HE LOVES ME and HIS reminders are for those who are able to acknowledge the message. So ignoring it, is not something I could do. It was too intense. After staring wide-eyed at it for long full minute, I decided to chuck away the pre-planned outfit and search for other modest friendly wear.

👕So, after a few minutes of sticking my head in the closet, I decided to wear my long sleeves navy turtle neck by Uniqlo.

Navy Ribbed turtleneck by Uniqlo

This top is definitely one of my top favourites therefore I have the very same top in several different colours. However, I definitely decide to go with one size bigger, if I were to buy in my true size, it will mould my body like a second skin. Euwwwww! That would be ugly! Remember my last article? Too tight and too big makes one appear bigger than one actually is. So stay loose.

👖Then, I pair it with my Elle high waisted belted baggy pants.

Belted baggy pants by Elle

In order to create a tall and slender look, I picked the same colour as my top. Hmmm.. it won’t achieve 100% of that illusion because of the pant’s size and shape but at least it will not make me look shorter and bulkier. Hence, I have created a monochromos outfit.

👒Now… my favourite part, accessories!

To wear a shawl with a dangling earing would be ideal for this outfit. Unfortunately, I was running out of time. So instead, I choose Bokitta. Just slide in and wala! done.
Now that I have my bokitta on, there is no way for me to wear an earring. But if anyone out there knows how to fashion both at the same time, do share yea.

Hermes Calfskin bracelet

💍Leaving my hand bare is not an option.  So, I embellished it with my Mini Dog Clous Carres calfskin Hermes bracelet in palladium plated hardware.

Charles and Keith in Nude

👠As for the shoes, I choose a pair of nude Charles and Keith an inch and a half heels. You can see I somehow look taller in the picture yah? That is what I call an optical illusion. heh heh heh..

Last but never the least, I grab one of my fav (honestly they’re all my favs) Chanel blue denim calfskin bag along with my Celine shades and I’m off to go…


Eating at 3 restaurants in 2 and a half hours making my effort to be not in vain. As a result, I have pictures in 3 different restaurants with just one outfit.. oh noooo. I’m not gonna post them all as…

Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis for man’s desire to understand ~ Neil Armstrong.

As the night approaches, I started to reflect on the day’s event. The most significant experienced I’ve gained today is how deeply grateful I was and, still am for His interference. Without it, I might be slightly astray.

I don’t know about you but it’s a constant struggle within me. *sigh*. One would say, don’t be too hard on yourself. But how can I not, when a ticket to Jannah is not free. It comes with a price. We choose our everlasting house there depending on how much we sacrifice.

Anyhow, I pray that one day I achieved what most women want. Well, at least what I want.. an eternity in Jannatul Firdaus.

What do you think? Am I still missing something? Should I add a long necklace?

Do tell me if you have any ideas I can add in.

See you in my next post….