At last!! It’s been so long since my family had gotten out of bed as we’ve been under the weather. This is probably due to the hot weather however, we are finally well enough for a short break. Alhamdulillah. As usual we will take a short break at our favourite local beach that has never disappointed us,which is… *drumroll* PORT DICKSON!! And predictably, our accommodation will be Avillion . Well, I don’t mind as I’ve been cooped up at home for quite some time now. I need to spread my wings and breathe in the crisp of the fresh sea breeze even if the location is somewhere I’ve been to countless of times.

The Resort

A little bit about the resort yea.

Avillion Resort, Port Dickson is designed with the architecture of an Old World Malay fishing village in mind. The resort fuses traditional culture with contemporary luxuries, giving guests the opportunity to experience Malaysia’s rich heritage while living in comfort. The result is a perfect hideaway where you can escape the hustle and bustle of city life and take a much-needed breather (text). [1]

When I travel, dressing comfortably is my main priority as it has always been. If you have been keeping up with my posts you will see this obvious trait of mine every single time I choose my outfits. This is because sitting for long hours in a vehicle makes my leg swelled up (and many other reasons depending on the situation).. OMG! That sounds so oldddd..😂 ..whateverrrr… Even jeans are not in that category as they are thick and heavy.  As long as I have the freedom to stretch my legs in my car, I won’t bother whether I look tall or short.. Having said that, I reached out for my cotton and rayon pairs and stuff them in my luggage.

During the journey..


👕The first pair of outfits I chose for the journey is a baby blue checkered shirt and a soft light cotton baggy pants👖, both by Zara. This combo is so comfy, I can actually sleep in it.  Of course, I look bigger than usual but what the heck?!😆  I’ll just be in my car and no so comfort all the way.

Look! I even finish off my entire look with a pair of slippers.. However, don’t be fooled by the look of it.  The sandal is rather expensive because it is specially designed for those who are suffering from plantar fascilitis.  Yea, I am one of them and it is pretty painful without slipping the sandal on.  Moreover, the quality is superb.  I’ve had it for more than 2 years and it still looks brand new. Bare in mind, I wear this sandal quite often. More so than my other shoes and sandals combined. Yea, that is how value for money it is these pair of sandals are!


Tie-dye orange rayon pants

The design on the material of my chosen pants reminds me of Bob Maley, a hippy who sits by the beach, with his hippy hair, strumming his guitar whilst dreaming of the free world.  Hence, I always picked these pants for my beach holiday.

As for the top, that depends on my mood. This time, I chose a long sleeve rayon shirt by Uniqlo. The soft flowy material makes it cooler to walk by the beach.  Surprisingly, Port Dickson is less hotter than Kuala Lumpur by 2 to 3 degrees. When I asked my spouse, he said it is due to the location of the area. But wouldn’t it be hotter and more humid by the beach? I wonder…🤔

If anyone out there knows of this phenomenon, please kindly drop me a word or two in the comment below yah.. I love new knowledge.  Especially if it is something scientifically proven true.


Tie-dye black rayon pants

I only have 2 of this ‘Bob Maley’s pants and I brought them both to this trip. Seriously in need to get some more. I wear these pants too much and I already  got a feeling my holiday by the beach in the future will be full of these 2 pants outfit if I did not get at least a couple more.

You see, my spouse loves spending quality time for the both of us by the beach, he is superbly intrigued to discover and experience Maldives but I kept on holding us back. Well, maybe he can lure me by buying me more of these pants… yes? no?… 🤣

Back to my favourite beach pants..

I bought both of these pants in Sg. Wang. I forgot the name of the shop though and will update once I know. Now I have more excuses to shop😂.  In finding the right top to the beautiful beach-y pants I’m madly in love with, I pair it with a long sleeve black cotton blouse by Zara.

Do you notice the shoe i chose for the outfit?

Frkl21 almost resembled Manolo Blahnik but conciously, the seller did not put the expensive brand to their shoes. Even the inside materials do not feel expensive but it is comfortable enough for me to walk in it for at least 2 hours. Hmmm maybe longer. The best part is no one can tell the difference between the sooo expensive Manolo Blahnik and this cheap imitation.

I, for one are very stingy when it comes to buying expensive shoes.  I couldn’t put my money where my foot is😉.  Knowing that I might stumble and scratch the leather the feeling seeing my shoes in that condition just makes me cringe. So, I would rather buy an almost cheap imitation shoe than having a sleepless night thinking I’ve destroyed the expensive one. However, I do have a few but I hardly ever wear them because of my sentiment earlier. So why buy them at all?

So if u are like me, here is the link to browse through.

No Accessories outfit

Whenever I go on a holiday, especially of this kind, most of the time I don’t wear any accessories. This is because I want to feel free (yah like Bob Marley😉), not thinking about having to leave expensive stuff in the room while going out for a swim or breakfast or whatever. Yeah i know, they do have safe deposit box but then again who knows, I might forget to bring it back home with me. So better be safe than sorry, right.


There are times when I couldn’t care less about fashion rules.. besides rules are made to be broken (*imagine me flipping hair.. oh wait, not hair but a scarf, while saying that😂)… huh, I find that saying to be so lame … but somehow on that day, the shoe fits.. yah excuses…🤣 .

I like the saying below better that the earlier one..

“Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.” —Gianni Versace

So it means we set the rules to fashion. Not the other way around… yeaaahhh..

Till then.. see u next time..