Karaoke outfit

OH, DEAR.. I have not been to karaoke for more than 2 years.

I’m not sure if I can still sing melodically🎶😄. Especially now with the phlegm and all, it seems almost impossible for me to go long and high like Ariana Grande🎤… ah well, I suppose I can try😅. However, singing is actually the least of my concern because I know the rest can’t carry a tune in a bushel basket😅.

My biggest worry is the outfit I shall wear for this date. It has to be something light, loose and comfortable. An outfit that channels my inner confidence to make sure I get to sing my heart out, even when my tune is way off the sky.

First things first, here’s my number 1 pick for the top!

MOSSIMO DUTTI – Happiness is the Highest level of success

After a few minutes of rummaging through my worn out closet, I found my new unworn green light cotton t-shirt by Massimo Dutti still with the price tag on. The material is light and loose giving a laidback vibe to the entire look I was going for.

Tips 101: One of my rules in dressing is to not wear anything too tight.

Somehow wearing something tight makes an illusion of wrapping my body, which makes me look bigger than my actual self.

However, big blouses such as a shapeless cotton white shirt, will not only make me look bigger but shorter as well. So, I shall stay away from that too this time around.

Not that there is anything wrong with being big or short. This is just my preference when adorning an outfit. As I am petite in size, I want to make myself appear slightly taller than my God-given 5 feet height.

Next, we shall move on to the pants!

DOROTHY PERKINS – Petite Navy Naples Ankle Grazer Trousers

When one is petite, purchasing from brands that do not offer petite cut pants for petite sizes can be quite challenging. My entire life, I couldn’t care less about this factor. Apparently, it makes a hell lot of a difference.

Most fashion brands cater for regular and tall sizes only. They hardly carry petite sizing. This is deep down very disappointing😕 considering the fact that there are many of us out there with average Asian height🤔. Whether the buyers do not realize the importance of correct sizing or the fashion industries just sadly ignoring us.. Huhuhu..

Well, not that I don’t eye on kids section and it’s called the kids section for a reason right? Therefore I find the design and patterns less adult friendly😄.. So when I tried on these ankle pants by Dorothy Perkins, I believe they will be seeing me a lot more.

Finally, my favourite part of dolling myself up, accessories!



To accessorize my outfit, I had handpicked 3 items, the handbag, belt and a pair of shades. As for the handbag, I had chosen the Chanel Small Boy, Gucci belt in size 90 (although the best should be size 85) and Celine shadow shades (size 58).

Tips 102: I do not like to overdo my outfit.

Personally, I think three expensive accessories to go along with the outfit is more than enough to make the fashionista look classy and elegant. If I had more on me, I feel like I’m trying too hard to impress.

Tips 103: Best believe that less is more. Less is good.

Less is least likely to attract attention, which we women should try to strive for especially with the increasing crime rates nowadays.

The end result

As I walked myself towards the Karaoke Red Box at Empire Subang in my black strappy kitten heels by Zara, I know this outfit made an entrance and it will be a smash hit among my friends. It was stylish yet simple and comfortable to boot whilst boosting the confidence in me to sing at least an hour without any interference.

And on that momentous day, I can safely say… “Excuse me, friends, the mic is mine today!”😉

Will I wear it again? It’s a definite YES!

“Dressing is always about attitude, feeling comfortable and confident” ~ Kate Moss

What do you wear for a Karaoke date?

Leave a comment below … let me know. I might change my mind on my next choice.


Ana Enna ~ A trendsetter wannabe